Carefree Club - Lifeguard Information 

Carefree accepts applications from both Carefree residents and non-residents.  You must hold current certification from the American Red Cross to be considered.

Local classes are offered by the following institutions:

Carefree welcomes experienced or newly certified lifeguards.  Please download a copy of the application below and complete as instructed on the form.

If you have any questions, please email them to


Under the direction of the Pool Chairperson, Pool Manager, and Head Guard(s), the Lifeguard is responsible for providing a safe environment for all participants in and around the pool, which includes responding to emergencies and administering CPR and First Aid effectively (according to American Red Cross certification guidelines).

This position is seasonal. Lifeguard training is required.

Lifeguard Training


• Ensure the safety of participants by eliminating/reducing hazards and hazardous behavior in aquatic areas.

• Maintain accurate record of hours worked and be responsible for finding substitutes for absences.

• Practice preventative lifeguarding by following and enforcing pool rules and policies, and completing a routine check of pool and deck area.

• Engage in positive public relations with participants.

• Wear appropriate uniform while on duty.

• Perform rescues and emergency procedures in accordance with facility policies.

• Attend all trainings, staff meetings and assigned guard drills.

• Check and record water temperature and chemical levels on a regular basis and notify supervisor of any irregularities.

• Keep accurate records/statistics daily, including documentation of pool usage.

• Document and report all accidents/incidents to supervisor immediately.

• Perform all maintenance as assigned.


• Must be at least 15 years of age.

• Must possess and maintain current American Red Cross Lifeguard certificate, including current First Aid and CPR Healthcare Provider certifications.

• Must have the ability to pass basic lifeguard skills test, including swimming 500 yards.

• Must possess and have the ability to relate to and communicate with people of all ages, cultures, and abilities.


• Remain alert, with no lapses in consciousness.

• Ability to sit for extended periods, including in an elevated chair.

• Ability to move to various locations, including in and around an elevated chair.

• Ability to stand for extended periods of time.

• Communicate verbally, including projecting the voice across distances, and communicating with emergency response personnel over the telephone.

• Ability to work under specific instructions, work alone and under stressful conditions.

• Ability to direct and control the activities of others.

• Hear noises and distress signals, even in aquatic environment when distracted by noise.

• Observe all areas of the water and recognize victims in distress.

• Ability to crouch and bend at the waist and knees.

• Ability to work in a variety of environments, specifically those subject to extreme humidity/dampness and heat.

• Ability to come into contact with pool chemicals.

• Physically and mentally able to perform rescue/survival skills and observe and promote safety procedures and administer CPR and First Aid effectively.

• Think in abstract, solve problems, make decisions, instruct, evaluate, remember and supervise.

• Ability to communicate effectively with members, participants, Carefree Club, Inc. staff and general public.


Established policies and procedures control actions. Independent judgment is utilized when there are no available policies and procedures and errors in judgment may cause serious risk and significant liability. Required to exercise good judgment in the areas of aquatic safety and facility operations. This position will require an individual who is able to make quick, concise and correct decisions that may affect the health, safety and well being of pool patrons and staff.

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement

It is the policy of the Carefree Club, Inc to provide equal employment opportunity to employees and candidates for employment. Accordingly, there shall be no discrimination against any employee or candidate for employment due to race, color, religious creed, sex, national origin, age, citizenship, disability or against disabled veterans and veterans of the Vietnam era. This policy is applicable to the policies governing recruitment, hiring and placement, promotion, training, compensation, employment environment, and separation or termination.

Compliance with this policy is the personal responsibility of all personnel, especially those whose duties are related to the hiring of new employees and the status or tenure of current employees. Further, as an Equal Opportunity Employer, the company will cooperate fully in the implementation of applicable laws and executive orders.


Effective 07/01/2021 employers will no longer be required to complete the “Intent to Employ” form and schools will no longer issue work permits.