Carefree Club Lifeguard Information 

Carefree accepts applications from both Carefree residents and non-residents.  You must hold current certification from the American Red Cross to be considered. Local classes are offered by the following institutions:

Carefree welcomes experienced or newly certified lifeguards.  Please download a copy of the application below and complete as instructed on the form.

Lifeguard Application

If you have any questions, please email them to


The lifeguard employment period runs from the Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Pre-employment, in-pool performance evaluations may be required prior to hiring.  Lifeguards must attend in-service training sessions before the start of the pool season and during the pool season.  In-service training sessions are held outside of the normal pool operating hours.  In-service training sessions are mandatory and paid. Pre-employment evaluations are not paid.

You must obtain a work permit from your school and complete it before your first day of work or training.  Submit your work permit with your application.  Make a copy of your signed permit before submitting it, for your records.