Carefree Pool - Closed!


Dear Carefree Members

One of our lifeguards has tested positive for COVID-19. After talking with the Indiana State Department of Health, they recommended that all of our lifeguards get tested, even though their risk is low. The risk to those coming to the pool is also low due to mask use by lifeguards and social distancing. Until we have enough lifeguards who test negative for COVID-19, the pool will not be open. We will keep you posted as to when the pool will be able to reopen.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this situation.

Linda Stemnock

Carefree Pool

Carefree Club Board of Director Elections


Carefree Club Board of Director Elections

Carefree Club, Inc. is managed by a 15 member board of directors. The board is responsible for the care and maintenance of the common property that contains the clubhouse, pool, courts and playground. The board typically meets monthly from January-November and meetings last 60-90 minutes.  Directors are elected to serve two-year terms, and the next election will be in September for eight directors.  Members who are deeded lot owners and up-to-date on annual dues are eligible to run for the board. If you are interested in running for the next election, please read, fill out, and email the following nomination form to Sandra Carrasquillo, corporate secretary, at  Deadline to submit nomination is July 30. Ballots will be mailed out August 17 and ballots counted during the September 14 monthly board meeting.

Carefree Board Nomination Form


Carefree Club Board

Carefree Activities - We need your input!


Our Carefree community activities committee is eager to get your input regarding new activities for the neighborhood. Please consider completing the following short survey. The survey will be available for 10 days and will take less than a few minutes to finish. The committee will review the results and begin to implement some of the new activities over the next two years as interest and funding allows. We are also interested in those of you who would like to be facilitators for activities that take place outside of the club, such as a book club, crawl, block party, etc., with your neighbors. Please provide your name and email at the end of the survey. If you already do this, please sign up to share your knowledge. We will be in touch with ideas on how to either get some activities started or make them better.

Carefree Activities Survey


Carefree Club Activities

Carefree now has Pickleball!



The tennis courts have been lined to play Pickleball! To learn more about this exciting game and how to play, visit

A big thank you to our grounds chairperson, Rob Jacobson for getting the courts lined!