Download the rental agreement below.

The pool/patio rental fees are currently under review and are subject to change without notice.


Carefree Club members in good standing may rent the pool/patio area during the swim season from 8:00p.m. to 11:00p.m.  Longer hours may be discussed with the Facility Manager.  The pool must be rented for a minimum of 2-1/2 hours and the pool rental must be made at least one (1) week in advance of the rental.

To rent the pool please email your contact information and rental date wanted to or get in contact with the Facility Manager at the pool. 

The rental reservation will be made when the pool rental fee of $50.00 and the POOL/PATIO Rental Agreement are completed and given to the Facility Manager.

You must fill out the number of people attending the function.  All guests attending the function are considered swimmers.  The number of lifeguards required is determined by the number of people per Indiana State Board of Health rules.

The Facility Manager or their designated assistant must be present at all pool/patio activities.  A minimum of two (2) lifeguards for up to 75 people attending are required.  Additional lifeguards will be required for more people as determined by the Facility Manager.  The lifeguards must be regular Carefree lifeguards. 

Pool rental will cost $50 for a facility fee plus an hourly fee.  Hourly fees of $15.00/hr for the Manager and $10.00/hr per lifeguard (two guards minimum) are required for a minimum hourly rate of $35.00/hr.  Hourly fees are paid in ½ hour increments and an additional 1/2 hour is added beyond the swimming period for cleanup and shutdown.

The lifeguards are in charge and the Carefree Pool Rules are in effect.  Food is to be kept in the picnic areas and not taken up on deck or around the junior pool.  No Glass containers are allowed in the pool area, picnic area, under the clubhouse awning, or in under the shelters.

Music can be played outside until 10:00pm.  After that, Johnson County Ordinances will typically be enforced.  A few of the surrounding homes will call the Sheriff, so the music must be turned down at 10:00pm.

All pools will be cleared ten (10) minutes before the hour for break and the pools will close ten (10) minutes before the end of the rental. It is important that your guests leave both the pool and picnic table areas promptly when the pool closes so that the guards can finish clean up. Pool staff will be paid through cleanup and closing.

Carefree Club Pool Rental Agreement