Board Members

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Name Position Email Term
Mike Martin
President 2023-2024 
Matt Randall
Vice President 2022-2024
Kristie Kitchen
Corporate Secretary 2023-2025
Robert Overton
Treasurer 2022-2024
Kristie Kitchen
Pool Chairperson 2023-2025

Pool Manager

Jim Grimes
Grounds Chairperson 2023-2025
Activities Chairperson
Jacqueline Cline
Clubhouse Chairperson 2023-2025
Newsletter Chairperson
Miriam Smith
Website Non-Board Member
Mark Baranko Swim Team President Non-Board Member
Mark Baranko Facilities Manager   Non-Board Member
Lori Burns Board Member   2023-2025
Mandi Foxworthy
Board Member   2022-2024
Jackie Lee
Board Member

Nathan Lewis Board Member   2023-2025
Terry Steckman Board Member   2023-2024
Chrissy Sturm Board Member 2022-2024
Angela Tucher
Board Member   2023-2025
Jeff Williams
Board Member   2022-2024
Catie Zenor
Board Member