Carefree Club Membership
General Info for New Home Owners
Carefree Club, Inc. (Club) is a private not-for-profit organization.  Pool membership is a part of membership in the Carefree Club.  Membership, in the Club, is open to Carefree North and Carefree South residents.  Not all properties in the Carefree community are members of the Club.
If you are purchasing or have purchased a home in Carefree, you can check with the original owners or the title company with whom you are closing your new home to see if your new home is a member of the Carefree Club. Any dues settlements will be taken care of during closing and will show up in your closing documents. Ask your closing agent if you are unsure. If you find that your home is not in the Carefree Club you may apply for membership.
Current Members
You must be a Carefree Club member in good standing in order to use the pool.
Annual Assesment (Dues)
No passes will be issued in person.  You will receive your pool passes in the mail after your check clears.  If you have lost the Dues notice, please download the assessment notice here.  If you are paying your assessment late, you will not receive complimentary guest passes and you must wait until your check clears to receive your pool passes.  
Requirments of New Membership
Carefree Club member’s properties are permanently bound to the Club with the exception of a group of original owners as defined in the “Covenants and Restrictions.”  Membership requirements are as follows:  
  1. Property must be located within Carefree North or South community .
  2.  Property is bound to the Club with a filing at the Johnson County Recorder’s Office.  The Club will generate paperwork and filing for the property owner. Once a property is bound to the Club, the property is permanently bound.  The property remains bound to the Club when the property is sold and the new property owners are responsible for dues.
  3. Pay the annual maintenance assessment.  The current assessment is $340.60 (yearly)
If you wish to pursue membership in the Club, please email us at