Carefree Neighborhood Crime Watch

The residents of Carefree North  and Carefree South created the Carefree Crime Watch Program in August 2012. The program was organized in an effort to identify, curtail, and prevent crime in our neighborhood.  The Crime Watch Committee is composed of volunteers who have an interest in making Carefree a great place to live.  The Committee divided Carefree into 12 geographical zones, and each zone is represented by a Captain who serves as a member of the committee, along with Co-Captains from these zones who assist in reporting information to the committee.  Meetings are held at the Carefree Clubhouse bi-monthly and any resident is welcome to attend any meeting.  Also, annual meetings may be announced for all residents that will include speakers with pertinent information for our neighborhood and surrounding area. 

Crime Watch Program Meeting Times:  

Third Tuesday of every odd numbered month - 7:30 to 8:30 at the club house.  All Carefree Neighbors Welcome!

10 Ways to Keep Your Home Safer

  1. Leave outside lights on at night or install motion sensor lights
  2. Report suspicious activity
  3. When your car is in the driveway
    1. Don’t leave valuables in it
    2. Don’t leave a gragedoor opener in it
    3. Keep the doors locked and windows closed
  4. If your are going to be gone for an extended time
    1. Let neighbors know to keep an eye on your house
    2. Ask neighbor to collect your mail and newspapers
    3. Ask Sheriff dept to check on your house while you’re away.
  5. Do not use your mailbox to mail checks; use mail drops or the US Post Office
  6. Use automatic bank deposit to receive checks
  7. Ask solicitors for their required permit. If no permit, report to Johnson County Sheriff. Give description of person and cross streets where solicitor was last seen.
  8. Report suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s dept
  9. When out walking or in the yard, wave to cars passing by. If it's a neighbor, it promotes friendliness in the neighborhood but more important, if it's an unknown vehicle, it lets them know that they've been noticed. Criminals want to move around anonymously and waving to them lets them know that they have been seen.
  10. Keep your garage door closed and all house doors locked


Johnson County Sheriff's Office

Call 911 for all emergencies

(317) 346-6336

Johnson County Sheriff's Web Site

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